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Studio E – 30′ x 17′

($26.00 Per Hour)

Our Showcase Studio. Come and get on stage and really enjoy your session! This studio can hold up to 9 musicians comfortably. But look at how much room a 3 piece band has to have fun! And let’s face it, at $26.00 per hour any size band can afford this great sounding studio! With a Marshall DSL100, Orange Dual Terror, Ampeg SVT, Yamaha Stage Custom Nouveau 7pc drum kit and 4 vocal monitors, whose not gonna’ sound good in this studio? Stage lighting and curtains … no extra charge.

º Yamaha Stage Custom Nouveau Drum Kit (7 piece, Black Fade)
º Marshall JCM2000 DSL100 Head Guitar Amp
º Marshall 1960A Guitar Cabinet
º Orange Dual Terror Head Guitar Amp
º Orange PPC212-OB Cabinet
º Ampeg SVT3PRO Head – Bass Amp
º Ampeg SVT410HLF 4×10 Cabinet
º Carvin C1644 Passive Mixer
º (2) Crown XLS402D Power Amp (monitors)
º Crown XLS602D Power Amp (mains)
º (3) JBL JRX112M and (1) JBL JRX115 Speakers (monitors)

º JBL JRX125 Speakers (mains)

º Shure SM58 Microphones
º Snake (16 Channel)

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