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Studio A – 14′ x 14′

($20.00 Per Hour / $11.00 Per Hour Single Musician Rate)

Our smallest yet brightest studio, it features one of our most popular drum kits (Ddrum maple pocket kit) and the wonderful tones of a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe amp. Also included are a Line 6 Spider III guitar amp and a Acoustic B100 MKII bass amp. This studio is great for duos, and 3 or 4 piece bands on a budget looking for great sound at a reasonable price.

• Instructors can use this studio for teaching students for only $11.00 per hour.
• Single Musicians can use it for just $11.00 an hour as well.

º DDrum DMP-20 Maple Drum Kit (5 piece, Lime)
º Fender Hot Rod Deluxe 1×12 Guitar Amp
º Line 6 Spider III 120 2×10 Guitar Amp
º Acoustic B100 MKII Bass Amp
º Behringer PMP550M Powered Mixer
º Yamaha A12 Speakers
º Shure SM58 Microphones
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